Download - Credit Application

Account Trading Terms and Conditions


1. This account application is to be signed and returned to or faxed to 03 9434 7250.

2. Pro-Forma payment is required before delivery for all initial orders.



1. Payment is 30 days from date of invoice by EFT into our bank account or by credit card

2. Payment by credit card (Master card or Visa) only accepted if details are advised with order

3. Less 5% on immediate payment for orders over $100 - for established approved accounts only (not applicable first     orders)

4. OVERDUE ACCOUNTS – Should your account exceed our 30 day trading terms, an account keeping fee of 3% will be     charged monthly from the date of invoice.  If account remains unpaid it may be passed on to our agency/solicitor for     collection.  All commission and solicitor’s fees and any out-of-pocket expenses will be borne by the applicant.


6. FREIGHT charged at contract rates. There is no minimum order.

7. The applicant personally guarantees payment for any goods purchased by the above enterprise together with any legal     expenses associated with the collection of any outstanding monies.

8. TITLE RETENTION Title to goods will pass to the purchaser when payment in full is received and cleared by ME     Collections W/S, Max Elliott Wholesaler the supplier.

9. The fixtures offered by ME Collections W/S are provided Free on Loan. Title to any fixtures provided will always remain     with ME Collections W/S (ABN:70861002945) and the buyer will be entitled to use the fixtures for the exclusive use     of displaying ME COLLECTIONS W/S products only. The buyer agrees to continually stock the fixture with ME     Collections W/S products only and to base re-order stock on the rate of sale.

10. As a customer of ME Collections, you agree to being contacted from time to time with information on new products     and specials, and being mailed a new catalogue when they are released every 12-18 months.

11. This agreement constitutes a security agreement pursuant to the Personal Property Security Act 2009. ME Collections     W/S intend to register a security interest against goods purchased by you now and in the future.